Friday, October 28, 2011

Tips to control Vatta Dosha

  • Take castor oil once a week to remove all toxins from the body, but not while pregnant.
  • Take Triphala tablets daily, preferably at night with warm water.
  • Add citrus fruits to your diet.
  • Avoid the astringent taste in your diet.
  • Drink warm water as much as you can throughout the day.
  • Add Saindhava Lavana (Rock Salt) to your diet.
  • Do not fast if you are strongly Vata dominant or underweight.
  • Kichadi or Kichari is the best cleansing food to still remain nourished.
  • Stay on the Vata diet plan (click the Shopping list for Vata).
  • Avoid animal products because they are not sattvic. If you cannot avoid them, eat seafood that is low in mercury.
  • Avoid wheat and gluten types of grains.
  • Dairy products should be avoided, but if you need to replace that protein, choose fermented dairy like organic yoghurt and kefir.
  • Eat your vegetables steamed.
  • It's best to eat your legumes well cooked and made into a paste or soup.
  • Always choose ghee instead of any other oil.
  • Nuts can be consumed to replace animal protein.
  • Use only small amounts of sweeteners that are rice syrup, or agave nectar, or palm sugar.
  • Drinks that are best for you are warm rice milk, almond milk, and herbal teas.

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