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Viveda Spices are hand crafted and blended to heal and enhance the balance between body and consciousness.

Using the medicinal properties of the freshest and purest spices from around the world , the alchemical qualities  of our delicious blends address and support your specific health needs. They do so while delightfully awakening your palate to a new, exotic and exiting taste experience.

Viveda Spices blends are based on the ancient Indian knowledge of Ayurveda. Based on the combination and permutation of the five elements, Ayurveda offers simple solutions to health and cooking.

I have discovered, and I hope you will too, that each spice or herb offer a sacred code, to achieve balance and happiness. By using them daily and in the right amount, our bodies can become beaming temples, our homes an existing dwelling for fragrances and peace, and our hearts full of gratitude and humbleness in front of this bountiful gift of earth.  
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Berdhanya Swami Tierra