Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to use Satya spices

Cinnamon is powerful antibacterial
Satya spices are versatile in their use. However, It will  request from you  to be adventurous and daring.

Usually in western cooking, we use a small amount of spices and only a few of them. Satya spices blends allows your food to be envigorated by the different qualities and flavors of the spices.

Use  1/2 tsp for a dish of 2 people, and a good 3 tbsp for 4 people. This is most indicated if you are using Satya spices to balance a dosha or to correct a disbalance. Complement your spices with your herbs and with the indicated food for your dosha. This will garanty success in your health goals.

You can use Satya Spices in cooked dishes as well as raw. The spices that are hard to digest in our blends, are roasted, so they are already being slightly cooked.

Start your dish by slightly heating ghee ( or the oil you are using) and add the spices. Make sure not to overheat them, otherwise they will loose their healing properties and their delicate fragrance.

Pitta blend is very delicate since it uses mint and lavender, add to your food at the end instead of having a long cooking time. 3 minutes before serving is ok.

Our spices are not salted. Avoid salt your food with commercial salt. Instead use rock salt, Pink Himalayan salt, black salt or sea salt.

Store the spices in a dry place and in a glass jar away from direct light. Your spice will keep vibrant and fresh for one year or so. ( usually in my kitchen is a matter of a few weeks, before they are gone).
Do not refrigerate them.

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