Thursday, December 8, 2011

Clear Lungs Satya spice for Kapha

This warming, astringent and tasty blend is indicated to be use by kapha constitutions or to alleviate Kapha conditions like: Asthma, cough, hiccough, thyroid problems, ring worm, heavy stomach, mucus in lungs or intestine, loss of appetite, excessive wait, dullness, chronic rhinitis, coryza, sinustis and constipation.

Benefits of this blend:
This blend removes mucus from lungs and intestine, regulates digestive fire, boosts immune system. Aids in weight control and detoxification. Dispells dullness, apathy and grief.

Turmeric, coriander, cumin, hing, cardamon, star anise, black pepper, chippotle, cocoa, cloves, orange peel, camu camu, lemongrass, cinammon, rosemary, parsely, acai berry, tulsi.

For 30 grams : $ 7.00 cd
For 60 grams: $ 12.00 cd
For 100 grams: $ 18.00 cd

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