Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Camu Camu for immune system

When I say that Satya Spices are exotic, I really mean it.
When I say exotic I am implying that element of originality and mystery in your tongue. The tangy flavor of the Camu Camu fruit is without a question an ingredient that gives depth and sparkle to food, but it also addresses a medicinal content.
Camu Camu is a bush that grows in the rain forests of Peru, Brazil and Colombia. It is cultivated by the indigenous people for the collection of fruit. The fruits are acidic and therefore have no apparent use, however they have proven to be precious for their ability to boost the immune system as well as uplift depression.
Collecting Camu Camu is a task of patience. It takes 5 years for the bush to produce fruits and the time of collection is during the peak of the rainy season.
While I was in the jungle my teacher used Camu Camu to make preserves and chutneys. They were then mixed with other herbs (less tasty) to fight infections, virus and constipation.
Camu Camu is rich in Vitamin C. It also contains niacin, B12,  B1,  potassium, phosphorous and natural sugars.
I avoid overcooking this delicate fruit, and suggest you use your blend in raw form. However, you can use Camu Camu in a variety of recipes to balance Vatta and to please Pitta and Kapha.
I truly hope you can get familiar with this exotic fruit that is surely eager to be combined with fresh cumin, coriander and stevia. Vegetables that appreciate Camu Camu are most likely to be the ones indicated to reduce Vatta, such as zucchini, squash and sweet potatoes.

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