Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Food and herbs to balance your body from radiation.

Radiation and other forms of radio waves have being affecting us for a time now and our life style is full of opportunities to be exposed to man made frequencies.

Even thought the physical body has a great power of adaptation and transmutation, it is a concern when we talk about the balance of our psyche.

The real problem of radiation is that is that is does not offer  an evident sign of  discomfort which would  alert  us enough to get to safety. It  is a very slow depletion of our cell's vitality  and it decreases the thickness of our aura .

 Symptoms of radiation may manifest  in a very subtle ways, like the types of thoughts we carry, our level of physical energy, or in  polarizing our emotions. We may have these disturbances without attributing them to  exposure unnatural  frequencies.

It is all about balance, we realistically can not remove our self from the modern way of living, however we can balance our life style by visiting nature, by eating organic foods, and by meditating.

Overwhelming, dullness, hyper sensibility, allergies, week immune system, fatigue and lack of appetite are some of the symptoms associated with radiation.

I am however offering you  a few tips that can help you  keep the body's immune system  full and vibrant while still being exposed to a challenging environment.

Food you can store and eat to balance radiation:

The dangerous effects of radiation enter through inhalation and consumption. Both these ways can cause a radioactive substance to get inside the body and emit radiation where it can do the most damage.
This is why in times of greater risk people are told to remain indoors until the radioactive substances are no longer a danger due to its half-life.

1.- First think of your water.

Drink water preferable from a natural source and not from your tap. Before arriving at your place, this water sits around day after day in large dams which are exposed to the air, and therefore, to the radioactive particles in the air. It is also treated with chlorine and fluoride. Storing in glass bottles  is a good prevention.

2.- Seeds and herbs:

Black sesame seeds: black sesame, for kidney and can enhance cellular immunity, humeral immune function, the effective protection of human health.

Purple Amaranth: Amaranth violet radiation, anti-mutation, antioxidant, selenium and its related. Selenium is an important trace element, can guard the body against radiation.

Green tea: green tea poly phenols, not only help against cancer and remove the effects of radicals, but also radiation. Drinking green tea every day is very beneficial to our body.

Lycopene: Lycopene not only has superior radiation resistance, but also has a strong antioxidant capacity. Lycopene exists in tomato, apricot, guava, watermelon, papaya, red grapes and other fruits and vegetables. Among them, lycopene in the tomatoes were relatively high, especially in the tomatoes skin and seeds. In addition, lycopene is fat-soluble vitamins, easy to be absorbed.

Beets, carrots, leeks, and garlic are other food you can have. Since the radiation may be on the fresh plants, sprout seeds and beans to replace fresh greens.

Food Spirulina: Spirulina is rich in protein, amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, minerals and bio active substances to promote bone marrow cell hematopoietic function, and enhance bone marrow cell proliferation activity, promote serum protein bio synthesis, thereby enhancing the body’s immunity. Therefore, eat seaweed, spirulina and the like, etc., with a clear anti-radiation effect.

Pollen food: food as a novel pollen nutritional health products swept the world, known as the “complete nutrition” among the best in nutritional food. According to modern scientific tests, the protein content of pollen up to 25-30%, which contains dozens of amino acids, and the state was free, easily absorbed by the body. 40% of pollen also contains a certain amount of sugar and fat, and rich B vitamins and vitamin A, D, E, K, etc., in which a living E, K are confirmed by scientists can delay the aging process of human cells important material. Pollen also contains iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium and other 10 kinds of inorganic salts and 30 trace elements and 18 kinds of enzymes, therefore, pollen with anti-radiation effect.

Ginkgo biloba products: Ginkgo biloba extract can increase leukocyte to protect the blood function.

Miso and seeweeds:
One of the best foods for radiation  and even cancer prevention is Miso.
To make miso is an elaborated process, however to enjoy a miso soup is very easy and healthy. Miso is easy available in healhfood stores.

Recipes to restore health after a radiation attack

How to make miso soup

1 Wakame ( seaweed) piece of about 5 cm
1 medium carrot, cut is small cubes
600 ml water
1 small leek, diced
2 tablespoon miso, dissolved in 2 tablespoon water
2 tablespoon parsley, chopped

Method :
Soak the Wakame in a bit of water for 10 minutes. Remove the middle rib and cut in small pieces
Boil the water in a pan and add the leek, carrots and Wakame. Simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and add dissolved miso. Serve the miso soup immediately. Decorate with the parsley.

It’s important never to boil the soup after adding the miso because it will spoil the miso flavour and nutrients. Take 3 cups a day in times of radiation exposure.

Anti-Radiation Juice
Drink 3 glasses daily: 1 part pineapple juice, 1 part tomato juice, 1 part apple juice

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