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Turmeric: the divine golden king to health and unity.

Turmeric is one of the main spices in Satya blends. All doshas can benefit from the wonders of this rhizome. Turmeric grows in tropical climates, and is harvested annually.
Turmeric is originally from southern Asia, where it was domesticated and used prominently for both medicinal and religious purposes. Turmeric is no longer found in a wild state, but it is believed to have been developed from the continual selection and cultivation of wild curcuma.

If you have the chance to buy fresh turmeric, usually available in oriental stores, you will see its familiarly with the ginger root.
You are probably most familiar with turmeric powder’s bright yellow color, its distinctive earthly aroma, and its surprisingly sharp, bitter and spicy lingering flavor.
I love the versatility of turmeric; just one pinch in rice or in a stew gives the food an appetizing and rich golden glow. But turmeric is not only about its colorful presence, now scientists are looking at curcumin (the main ingredient of turmeric) as a potential cure for illnesses that are a consequence of internal inflammation.
Turmeric is a powerful healer, curcumin is rich in antioxidants and has anti- inflammatory properties that have been shown to protect and improve the health of virtually every organ in the body.
Today, around the world there are human and animal studies that put turmeric effective to combat more that 72 illness, including cancer, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.
I was surprised to know that studies in the university of Texas by Dr. Aggarwal have identified turmeric as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory.
Although this spice is only right now under a scientific scrutiny, healers in China and India have been using turmeric for more that 2000 years to treat a range of illness.
For example ancient healers have used turmeric for:
·      An antacid to soothe digestive problems
·      A decongestant to clear nasal passages.
·      A stimulant to improve blood flow problems
·      An analgesic to relieve headache (cur cumin is an ingredient in Tylenol)
·      A powder to speed the healing and to prevent infections of wounds.
What really is wonderful about turmeric is that you don’t need to be sick to use it. By taking a daily dose of turmeric in your food you are actually preventing degenerative illness.
Turmeric has the ability to:
·      Inhibit the activation of genes that trigger cancer.
·      Inhibit the spread of tumor cells.
·      Inhibit the transformation of a normal cell into a cancer cell.
·      Kills cells that mutate into cancer
·      Shrink tumor cells
·      Prevent the development of the blood supply necessary for cancer cells to form and spread.
·      Eases  inflammation (That  are a result  of arthritis and some heart conditions)
Turmeric can be used as well as a beauty product and as aid for skin ailments.
As a healer, turmeric is recommended to be taken on a daily bases. You can use 500 mg for general health and in larger quantities in health crisis’s.
Most turmeric comes from India and most Indian turmeric comes from Alleppey or Madras. When you are shopping for turmeric, favor the Alleppey turmeric, which has twice cur cumin that the one cultivated in Madras.
I have heard from a Punjab Yogi that turmeric should be roasted before consumption.
I truly hope that this information inspires you to see turmeric not only as a component in Indian curries, but also knowing its health benefits should help you take the initiative to add turmeric to your daily cooking.

Bioenergeticaly speaking, turmeric bends the laws of logic. Being a root, with such intense orange color and earthy flavor, you may deduct turmeric would be used as a support for the first or second chakra. Turmeric however is dedicated to serve us in a different way.  Meditating and dieting with turmeric has allowed me to experience its spiritual properties.
Turmeric specifically works on the 7th chakra, and facilitates the evolution of issues of self-upgrading, divine protection and self-reassurance. Self-upgrading is the ability to recognize your self as part of a divinity; a god or goddess decorated with floating particles of gold who knows his or her own majestic presence.
Turmeric has an everlasting presence. It permeates all aspects of the self; it helps us to remember that we are part of a divine structure and by recognizing that, we acquire protection, dignity and royalty.
Turmeric is able to ground that wisdom, and to facilitate for us the manifestation of that divine royalty. The energy of turmeric announces it presence in almost anything that he is contact with, and remains so for a long period of time.
Turmeric is a divine grounder. I must take the time here to make a distinction between other grounders that works in the first chakra like licorice or fennel. Turmeric has the ability to facilitate the subtle wisdom of “I am part of the divine” with “The earth is my divine playground.” Turmeric bonds earth and sky, and qualifies you as a god and it simultaneously challenges any mind distortions that oppose that truth. I am referring here to self-degradation, self- condemnation or the denial of your inner divinity.
11 days healing with turmeric.
In the Hindu tradition, turmeric has being offered to the divine in different ceremonial rites as part of a demonstration of gratitude and grace. You can do the same thing in your own kitchen and also by choosing to use turmeric as a healing agent in your life.
You can use this therapy to address physical conditions as well as to solidify yourself as a divine identity.
Purchase 1000 grams of organic turmeric preferable coming from Alleppey India.
Purchase 500 grams of organic local honey.
Roast ½ cup of turmeric until it releases an earthly aroma. Let it cool. Add 4 tsp. of honey or enough to form a think paste. During the day consume bit by bit the whole cup of turmeric and honey. Repeat the same for 11 days. You can prepare the 11 cups at once; I however recommend preparing it one day at a time so the preparation becomes a part of your healing.
For Kapha dosha add 1 tsp of ginger to the daily cup.

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