Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The seven wheels of life

Dear student: much is being said about chakras and energies centers. Here an introduction to them, we will study them more closely during the course and learn the proper techniques to clean and balance them.


The First Chakra: The Kingdom of the Ants
Location: Perineum, below the genitals and above the anus, inside the coccyx, base of spine, the first 3 vertebrae of the spine.
Element: Earth.
Color: Yellow
Shape: Square
Aspect: Security, foundation, support, base.
Predominant sense: Smell
Work organ: Anus

The Second Chakra: The Kingdom Butterflies
Location: Genital region, hypogastric plexus.
Element: Water.
Color: Color of water: transparent, white, light blue.
Shape:Circle, like a drop of water.
Aspects:  Procreation, family, fantasy, creativity, sensuality.
Predominant sense: Taste, tongue
Work organ: Genitals

The Third Chakra: The Kingdom of Reptiles
Location: The vertebral column at the navel region
Element: Fire                                                
Color: Red, like fire or the rising sun
Shape: Triangle
Aspects: Vision, form, color, ego, generosity, digestion, assimilation, distribution of food
Predominant sense: Sight
Sense organ: Eyes.
Work organ: Feet and legs.

The Fourth Chakra: The Kingdom of Deer
Location: The heart region on the vertebral column, the cardiac plexus.
Element: Air
Color: Colorless, gray or smoky green
Shape: Hexagram or six pointed start.
Aspect: Balance, love, fear, hate. Rich in life-giving negative ions.
Predominant Sense: Touch
Sense organ: Skin

The Fifth Chakra: The Kingdom of Peacocks
Location: Neck region, throat, carotid plexus, the cervical part of the spine column that corresponds to the neck.
Element: Ether
Color; Smoky purple
Shape: Crescent
Aspect:  Knowledge, sadness, gratitude, purity.
Predominant Sense: Hearing
Sense organ: Ears
Work organ: Mouth and vocal cords

The Sixth Chakra:  The Kingdom of Swans
Location: Medulla plexus, pineal plexus, point between the eyebrows.
Element: Supreme element: in which all other elements are present in their pure essence.
Color: Transparent, luminescent, bluish or camphor white.
Shape: A circle with 2 petals.
Aspects: Self-realization, anger, command, alertness, austerity

The Seventh Chakra: The Kingdoms of Luminous Beings
Location:  Above the third eye, in the center of the forehead, the hollow space between the twin hemispheres of the brain
Element:  Nectar
Color and shape: crescent of silver color in a lotus of light white
Aspect: Union (absence of duality), consciousness
Work organ: Hands

The Eighth Chakra:
The Kingdom of Masters
Location: Top of the cranium, cerebral plexus. 
Element: Pure void
Color: Gold
Shape:  A dot, usually inside a crescent.
Aspect: Truth, perception of true reality, laziness.


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