Saturday, March 23, 2013

Navara Coconut Milk Payasam (Desert)

Navara Rice- is one of the many types of rice found in India, and is a unique grain plant in the Oryza group,Navara was used in the ayurveda system of medicine for treatment of neurological disorders, arthritis and emaciation of limbs.


Navara Rice 250gm ( Found in India stores or in some health food stores)

Jaggery 750 gm ( sugar cane preparation, available in Indian stores)
Ghee 1 table spoon ( Click here to learn how to make ghee)
Cardamom Powder 1 tsp
Coconut flakes 100 gm


Coconut Milk Extraction: Scrape the coconuts. Mix the scraped coconut with 100ml water and gently grind. Squeeze and extract the coconut milk. This is called the first milk. Further to the squeezed residual coconut scrape, add 400ml water and grind again. Squeeze and extract the coconut milk. This one is called the second milk. Keep both milks separately for later use.

Boil one liter of water, add rice to it and keep cooking till rice is soft and smooth. Add second coconut milk and stir continuously. Dissolve jaggery in 100 ml water and strain. While the rice is being cooked, add liquid jaggery , ghee and cardamom powder. Add the first milk and boil for a minute.

Serve Hot

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