Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ilaada or kerala coconut dosa

Thank you Lasitha for this easy breakfast coconut dosa. I don't want to discourage my north American friends, when they see that this recipe requires banana leafs. You can actually get them in Latin American groceries stores in a frozen from. Your efforts will be pay when you taste the soft fragrance and freshness they gave to the food. You will impress any guess with this easy and exotic dish. Of course it is a wonderland dish for children. Good for all doshas.

First Mixture
Rice powder – 2 cups
Boil water with some salt and put hot water in rice powder (1 half cups) Stir.
Second Mixture
Grind coconut (1 small) and put crushed jaggery ( sugar cane: Available in Indian stores)(1 cup) and mix together.
Put cooked rice into a small ball and roll out (flatten) and put jaggery mixture inside and fold in half moon. Put this in a banana leaf and put this into a steamer and cook 5 minutes each side.

From Lasitha

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