Saturday, January 31, 2015

How to enhance six flavors from one spice

The sensuality of spices can be explore in many ways. You will be surprise how one single spice treated in 6 different ways can open 6 different flavors. The real secret of combining spices is to apply this simple techniques.

Lets take for example cumin.
flavor 1: use whole cumin seeds.
Flavor 2: ground cumin seeds.
Flavor 3 Dry-roasted whole cumin until reddish brown.

Flavor 4: Whole cumin seed dry-roasted until reddish and then ground.
Flavor 5: Whole cumin seed fried in ghee until reddish brown and has a nutty aroma.
Flavor 6: Whole cumin seed fried in ghee until reddish and has a nutty aroma, then removed from oil and ground.
Try with different spices, a new whole new world of aroma and flavor will unfold for you.

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