Monday, June 29, 2015

How to use cumin to treat common illnesses

Cumin can either be ground, roasted, added to foods whole or boiled in water to treat many common ailments. It is used alone or in combination with other herbs and or with rock salt or sugar to treat many illnesses. 

Cumin for the Teeth and Mouth

Roasted cumin seeds can be eaten freshen the breath. Chewing roasted cumin seeds can also heal soars in the mouth and reduce excess saliva.

Cumin for the Urinary System

Boiling a teaspoon of cumin in a glass of water to make a tea cures problems in the urinary tract, cleans the bladder and kidneys.

Cumin and fenugreek when combined together also help to keep the prostate healthy and reduce problems in the male and female reproductive organs and urinary systems.

Cumin for Fatigue and General Aches and Pains

A teaspoon of cumin boiled in water reduces pain in the body and acts as a natural sleep aid for those who have difficulty falling asleep.

Cumin for Women

Cumin tea is very useful for pregnant women during the last month of pregnancy as it helps to ready the uterus for labor and makes for an easier delivery. Also, it increases the capacity of producing milk.

Cumin, fennel and fenugreek help to support the female system during menstruation and menopause.

Cumin for the Common Cold

Cumin tea can be drunk to reduce the symptoms of common cold and sore throat. Cumin helps to remove excess phlegm and is thus good taken during allergy season or at the onset of a cold. 

Cumin for the Digestive and Immune systems

Cumin helps to regulate bowel function and can help to stop diarrhea by eating it with a bit of sugar candy.

Cumin and fennel combined in equal parts and chewed or boiled as a tea help to promote digestion.

Combined with turmeric and peppercorn it becomes a very good digestive aid and immune booster. Cumin can be chewed after a meal to promote digestion and reduce stomachache. 

A daily use of handful of cumin seeds, cures night blindness and decreases the level of temperature in the body.

A mixture of powdered coriander seeds, powdered cumin seeds and sugar, cures acidity and inflammation in the chest due to it.

Use of cumin seeds checks hiccups, eliminates colic in stomach, swelling of intestine due to indigestion.

Six grams of powdered cumin seeds mixed with old raw sugar and after making small pills of one gram each, if taken, it cures fever.

A baked mixture of cumin seeds, black pepper and rock salt (all in powdered form), dissolved in butter milk or whey, if taken after lunch, cures diarrhea, piles.

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