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Phychological attributes of each dosha

Psychological attributes of each Dosha

Vattha Dosha
Pitta Dosha
Kapha dosha

In balance:
Creative, strong communication, artistic, adaptable, alert, emotionally sensitive, enthusiastic, imaginative, perceptive, spiritually inclined, spontaneous, heightened intuitive abilities, compassionate, sensitive to subtle energies, charismatic, multifaceted in interest and abilities.

In balance:

Strong sense of discernment
Ability to focus on single objectives at hand
Organizers and great planners
Perform well under pressure
Speech is clear and articulate
Natural leaders
Geared for success as well as high achievers
Willful, determined and ambitious.

In balance:
Compassionate, patient, sweet, forgiving, gentle, emotional stable, loving, inherent desire to help others, calm, mild mannered, loyal, nurturing, accepting of others, strong stamina and endurance, romantic, homebodies: love to feed and entertain. Sensual, community oriented, strong long term memory, good listeners, deeply satisfy with life.

In Imbalance:
Overly active thinkers, restless: cannot sit still, incline towards fear, anxiety depression. Spacey and ungrounded, additive personality, emotionally delicate, quick to judge or make decisions, shy and introverted, disorganized: poor planning. Lack of confidence and boldness, tent to procrastinate, moody and emotionally volatile, talk fast and breathlessly, grasp things quickly, but soon forgets

In Imbalance

Overly intense
Controlling of others
Suppressive of emotions
Egotistical: enjoy power trips
Loud and aggressive
Tendency to erupt with anger

In imbalance:
Greedy, unchanging set of ways, hoard material things, easily attach to people and things, easily taken advantage of, possessive, take on other people’s problem, fearful of letting go, overly passive, lethargic, unable to express thoughts and emotions, envious, give up easily, slow to understand/grasp things, depressed for long periods of time, introverted, complacent; living life in the surface.

Mental imbalance: Depression, anxiety, insomnia, bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia.

Mental imbalance
Relating to Pitta is burning out. They overextend in their potentials and they root their relation to life in anger, fear, anxiety, jealousy, obsessive-type behavior, and deep-seated emotional problems.

Mental imbalance:
Store emotions, kapha individuals tent to realize that they have a psychological problem, therefore, unlikely to make self-motivated steps in the healing direction.

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