Monday, January 6, 2014

Exercise according to your dosha

Regular exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Through exercising in accordance with your underlying make up, you have the ability to keep your body young and vibrant. Exercise also helps bring clarity to the mind and improves the flow of energy or prana in your body.

According to ayurveda exercise should not strain or over-exert the body, it recommends exercising up to one-half of your full capacity.

Here a few activities recommended for each dosha.
For Vatta doshas:
Aerobics, low impact. bicycling easy, dancing, gymnastics, swimming, tai chi, walking, hatha yoga.

For Pitta doshas:
Archery, basketball, bicycling, football, ice hokey, ice skating, martial arts, mountain climbing, skiing, soccer, surfing, tennis, hatha yoga, weight lifting.

For kapha doshas:
Aerobics, basketball, bicycling, football, jogging, rock climbing, rowing, running, tennis, hot yoga, kundalini yoga.

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