Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Your first earth body: your physical body

The 4 earth bodies– the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies –  are dedicated to self-expression, creative powers, the management of matter and your relationship with density. These bodies are called “Earth bodies” simply because they are given to you to manifest your potential on Earth.

Some parts of the earth body can be seen and touched. Other parts of the earth bodies are more subtle, like thoughts, chakras and the central channel.

You are likely well-acquainted with your physical body. It is your physical structure of flesh and bones. Your Physical Body has 12 systems that help you to experience life on earth:
       the respiratory system
       the skeleton system
       the reproductive system
       the digestive system
       the muscular system
       the glandular system
       the integumentary system (skin)
       the immune system
       the circulatory system
       the nervous system
       the lymphatic system
       the urinary system

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