Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The 4th earth body: The mental body

The mental body has an electric quality. It is fast to obey commands and to hold concepts, beliefs, memories, ideas and thoughts. It also holds your power of discrimination (in truth or in judgments).

This body has a relationship with the 6th chakra, your seat of projection, intuition and command. The mind has the essential quality to be faster than time and space, as it transcends both. Mind seeks to be directed and to be given a purpose.

The mental body holds 5 types of mind:

1.    The protective mind: provides the defensive position or survival mode. It searches for potential threats or anything that is wrong in a situation. It reacts.
2.    The expansive mind:  gives a constructive perspective. It is action-oriented, risk-taking and searches for pleasure and expansion. It is pragmatic, flexible and imaginative. It can also give assumptions or fantasies.
3.    The meditative mind: gives objectivity and neutrality. It observes, assesses and decides the best, non-dual outcomes. It senses reality, giving you stable identity, purpose and meaning. It is in tune with your duty, destiny and love. It dwells in intuition.
4.    The planetary mind: holds the collective mental information of humanity. It is also the all knowing of the soul. It works simultaneously at an individual and at a global level.
5.    The universal mind: This mind has a capacity to be aware of all mental frequencies in the universe (or away from our planetary system). It discerns races and the needs of those races and is able to supply a current of support and order.
These minds can be at rest (sleep, meditation) or in action (in perceiving, selecting impressions, linking, associations or memories, etc).

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