Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The structure of being

Representation of earth bodies
By knowing the structure of your being, you may understand better the impact of food in your well being. It is the intention of this book to give you a spiritual foundation and an inspiration for the earth bodies. The interaction of the elements in your earth bodies and the quality of food, relationship, mind dynamics and emotional stability will determinate the lightness in your daily life.
Your being is composed of 12 bodies. Each body has a distinct role and structure. Harmony in these bodies brings peace and completion.

Let's have a general understanding of the structure of being.

There are three main sets of bodies:

The first set of bodies relate to matter. It means are responsible for the formation of the reality that is palpable to you.  They are the most concrete and tangible bodies.

The Earth Bodies are:

1. The Physical Body
2. The Etheric Body
3. The Emotional Body
4. The Mental Body 


The second set of bodies is subtle and forms part of the subconscious.  They relate to love, self-acceptance and self-responsibility.

The Soul Bodies are:

1. The Supra-astral Body
2. The Light Body
3. The Celestial Body
4. The Consecration Body

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The third set of bodies relates to the unconscious and to vibration. 
The Spirit Bodies are:
1. The Body of Truth
2. The Body of Freedom
3. The Body of Illumination
4. The Body of Fusion 

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