Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The 3th earth body: your emotional body

The emotional body has a plasmic texture (plasma is a state of matter. Here, it is a gelatinous or gas-like body). It has a strong ability to fluctuate and gives passion and intensity.
This body is located between 2 and 4 inches from your physical body. It is connected with your third chakra, and the water element. It is also connected to the palette of your nine emotions.

Your nine emotions are:
       Love (related emotions: beauty, aesthetic sentiment, devotion )
       Joy (related emotions: humor, laughter, sarcasm)
       Wonder (related emotions: curiosity, astonishment, mystery)
       Calm (related emotions: peace, relaxation, rest)
       Anger (related emotions : violence, irritation, stress)
       Courage (related emotions: heroism, determination, confidence)
       Sadness (related emotions: compassion, pity, sympathy)
       Fear (related emotions: terror, anxiety, nervousness, worry)
       Disgust (related emotions: depression, dissatisfaction, self-pity)

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