Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ilaada ( rice and coconut burrito)

Ilaada is an elegant rice and coconut burrito from Kerala. It is use as a breakfast and sometimes as a dessert if  added peanuts and cardamom. It is an delicate and excellent dish for children and for all doshas.
You can get the bananas leaves at any south American or Indian store. I prefer to use fresh coconut to keep the inside juicy. Our friend Lasitha while in India pamper us at breakfast with this recipe.
2 cups rice fine powder
1 small grind coconut
1 cup of jaggery or sugar cane
6 4X4 banana leaves.
Boil water 1 ½ cup
Make two mixes:
First Mixture
Rice powder – 2 cups
Boil water with some salt and put hot water in rice powder (1 half cups) Stir.
Second Mixture
Grind coconut (1 small) and put crushed jaggery (1 cup) and mix together.
Put cooked rice into a small ball and roll out (flatten) and put jaggery mixture inside and fold in half moon. Put this in a banana leaf and put this into a steamer and cook 5 minutes each side.

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