Monday, October 27, 2014

Smoothies and Ayurveda

4000 years ago the ayurvedic seekers did not have the revelation of a high speed blender. They did however macerate plants, minerals and other substances to form medicines and special regenerative foods.

Smoothies are usually taken cold, which in ayurveda is a big no no!!. Cold substances decrees agni or digestive fire, no really a good choices to keep top digestion. The other factor we need to consider when we make smoothies is not to combine to many powerfood. It is not true that we will assimilate all of them, specially if we combine fruits, vegetables, protein and even grains. It is better to keep our smoothies at room temperature and to use simple and compatible food.

I like to take my fruits or vegetables out of the fridge a few hours before I am planing a smoothie.I also cut in the moment of preparation citrus food like oranges and lemon to prevent to loose their vit. C.
When I am using oats or other grains and nuts, I soak them overnight to make sure their enzimes are all there. Spices add are a great addition to smoothies and can determinate the dosha of your drink.

See the shooping list of your dosha to make food choices for your smoothies.
Shooping list for Vatta
Shooping list for pitta
Shooping list for Kapha

Best blending results is with a high motor speed blenders and to drink your smoothies inmediatly.

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