Monday, May 5, 2014

14 Power food for children

       Almonds increase Pitta and Kapha, and reduce Vata.

       Bananas are an ideal first food to feed your child. They are high in vitamin A and potassium and, when not overripe, high in calcium. The stringy white lining of the banana peel is especially nutritious.
       Basmati rice means “fragrant pearl”. It is the grain most easily digested by all. It is the food for the gods. By itself, it holds one of the highest quantities of absorbable protein; combined with split mung bean, it forms a complete protein.
Rice balances the body and mind. It is very delicious to eat by itself with a touch of ghee. Cooked in lemon juice, it helps clean out the body after the child has been exposed to one of the normal childhood illnesses. To help the child build up internal resistance, serve one-half cup every two hours with yogurt and honey. For a very pure and calming dish, cook basmati rice in milk and water, with ghee and cardamom pods adding honey to serve.

       Celery is one of the best foods for children; its little fibers work like a broom to cleanse the colon. To strengthen his or her nervous system, blend celery stalks with yogurt and honey, prepare freshly squeezed celery juice, or a drink of boiled celery stalk.

       Chlorophyll is useful to help your child to digest protein. Give two or three drops in milk or water twice or three times daily. Chlorophyll is available in liquid form at health food stores. Alternatively, serve your child one or two ounces of spinach, celery or romaine lettuce juice daily.

       Fruits are natural foods for children. Papayas, pears, figs, peaches, baked apples are all excellent. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season. If the organic produce is not fresh, opt for the local fresh ones.

       Ghee is clarified butter, from which water has been evaporated and the milk solids have been separated. It is a very pure and healing food. Substitute it for butter in your family diet. According to Ayurvedic medicine, ghee, in moderation, will not increase the cholesterol level in your blood; will not clog your liver but strengthen it; will feed the brain, nerve and reproductive systems; empower the digestive system; strengthen body and mind; combat hunger, promote calmness; increase memory and intelligence and add to longevity. Ghee is perfect for the young and old. How to make ghee

       Grains need to be cooked well and eaten alone. Do not mix multiple grains as this will weaken digestion. Chose whole, unprocessed grains. Wash them well before cooking.

       Dulse and kelp are dried seaweeds. They are very strengthening, calming and high in minerals and protein. Use as flavoring for soups, or crunch it up and sprinkle on food instead of salt.
       Whole milk is very good for children. Bring milk to a boil and dilute with a bit of water. This makes for a nearly perfect food and is easily digested.

       Mung beans and rice, (kicheree), is a very nutritious dish for children, but it should be prepared without spices. Serve with a little almond oil or ghee and vegetable seasoning.

       Nut butters and milks. Almonds and walnuts can be made into nut butter by blending them until they make a smooth spread (add a little water or almond oil so that they will blend easily). Almond milk is a very nourishing and delicious drink that children will enjoy preparing. Soak almonds overnight and remove the peel as it causes irritation to the stomach (See recipes).

       Steamed vegetables should be an important part of your child's diet. Serve or blend with a little ghee, sunflower, or sesame oil. Or boil vegetables in water and turmeric to make a soup, then blend to serve.

       Turnip is a food which will make your child very bright and energetic. Steam well, then mash with a little honey. Your child will eat it like candy.

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