Thursday, November 17, 2016

Beetroot and horseradish salad with apple, dill and almonds

This is another Yotam creation. I had add to the dressing cinnamon and nutmeg to warm and sweeten the salad. I love the amount of horseradish in this – it gives the salad a real kick – but use less if you prefer. Serve four. Pitta increasing.

75g peeled fresh horseradish
4 medium beetroot, peeled and halved
15g dill leaves, roughly chopped

1 granny smith apple, quartered, cored and cut into 3- to 4mm-thick slices
70g flaked almonds, toasted
1 tbsp poppy seeds
Salt and black pepper

For the dressing
200ml apple juice
1½ tbsp cider vinegar
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg

For the dressing, put the apple juice in a small saucepan on a high heat and leave to bubble for seven or eight minutes, until you are left with about two tablespoons of syrup. Pour into a small bowl and leave to cool, then whisk in the vinegar, oil, two-thirds of a teaspoon of salt and a good grind of black pepper.

Cut the peeled horseradish into fine julienne strips, either by hand, with a mandoline or in a food processor, and put in a large bowl. Cut the beetroot into similar strips and add to the bowl with the dill, apple, half the almonds, half the poppy seeds and all of the dressing. Mix well (I use my hands), season to taste, then transfer to a platter or bowl, or to individual plates. Sprinkle on the remaining almonds and poppy seeds, and serve.

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