Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tips to Balance Pitta Dosha

Favor foods with bitter, sweet and astringent tastes
Favor cool, dry, and slightly heavy foods
Avoid salty, sour and pungent foods
Eat at regular times during the day and eat when you are hungry
Avoid refined sugar
Eat in a peaceful environment
Avoid artificial stimulants, such as coffee
Engage in calming activities, like waking in nature
Meditate daily
Moderate use of sauna or hot yogas. Instead choose swimming, Tai Chi or walking
Select soft music
Take time to rest each day
Do volunteer work
Take cool showers
Use sweet and cooling essential oils, such as sandalwood and rose
Wear cooling stones such as moonstone, pearl, and blue sapphire
Massage your body with coconut oil daily
Smile more

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