Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Advices Along with the panchakarma Treatments

      Dear;  here some recommendations while you go thorough your panchakarma purification. It is vital you open the space for inner connection and quiet time. If you are not in a retreat settings you may want to consider this recommendations at home.

1.    Rest a lot during the treatments
 2.    Do pranayama or meditation
3. Take medications with treatments
4. Have a daily routine
5. Provide warmth for the body, internally as well as externally
6. Try to allow the oil used during the treatment to remain on the body for a longer period of time
7. Cover the head after treatments to protect it from excess heat or cold, or wind or rain
8. Eat light, easily digestible food during the treatments, and eat with full concentration. Dhal is the best food. Consider monodiet.
9. Reduce speed in daily life
10. No swimming after treatments
11. No physical exertion, i.e. no sex
12. No fasting or skipping meals
13. No smoking or drinking
14. No staying awake at nigh
15. No suppression of urges
16. No washing head after 8p
17. Do not eat dry, deep fried or uncooked food, or carbonated drinks

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