Monday, August 18, 2014

Rice balls with roasted walnuts

I can eat rice everyday, soft sweet and sattvic. Sometimes a cook more that I can need and end up with leftovers. This recipe is really limitless. You can make rice ball with vegetables, nuts, seaweeds or goat cheese. This recipe uses plane white rice and simple whole walnuts. Elegant, zen and easy.

2 cups of plain white basmati rice.
1 cup whole walnuts.
3 tsp of " satya Spices for your dosha.- or your favorite spices.
3 tsp sugar cane or powder jaggery.
3 tsp ghee

Make small balls with the rice and place them in a plate. Saute ghee, spices, sugar, salt and walnuts until all walnuts are covered with spices. Roast them for 3 minutes. Pour the walnuts in top of the rice balls. Serve intermediately. Good for all doshas, however Kapha dosha can change walnuts for sunflower seeds.

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